A world of tradition

Since our foundation in 1957, the quality and attention to detail have been our reason for being, which together with the incorporation of new technologies and the work of our craftsmen have made Guitars ESTEVE a company of international renown. With highly valued among our clients and artists who come to our product philosophy and all the passion and make them feel good with his art.

All our instruments are built 100% in Spain

Our vision

In guitars ESTEVE see our product as a reflection of our dedication and good work. We like our guitars speak of us with each of the notes that are torn between their strings. Attend a concert and see how the public feels the art through our instruments is the greatest achievement and satisfaction that we can feel. The corporate culture of effort and a job well done.


A unique and special guitar with a limited production,
this guitar represents our history creating instruments since 1957.

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Festival 2024

During the upcoming July 2024, the Alboraya City and Guitarras Esteve will host the third edition of the Guitar Festival.