Our historyThe heritage of the Luthier

Valencia, a city that is located in Southern Europe on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of one of the most prestigious workshops of the SPANISH GUITAR – GUITARRAS ESTEVE.

In 1957 Francisco Esteve, Manuel Adalid and Antonio Monfort decided to establish their own guitar workshop, starting their journey into the construction of the instrument.

The tradition is carried on by Manuel Adalid Jr., who stays committed to further promote the name of ESTEVE all over the world. This also means incorporating new designs and techniques, and the adaptation of the building processes to the demands of the international market, while keeping the spirit of our Artisan Tradition alive.

ESTEVE’s team of 52 artisans is our greatest asset. Our craftsmen share a common passion for the guitar and years of experience. We love our work and are proud of each instrument we finish!

ESTEVE guitars are renowned internationally for their excellent sound and finish. Our instruments are known for combining the best materials in their construction, as well as for bridging that difficult gap between artisanal tradition and modern building techniques.

The ESTEVE guitar is the sound of the Spanish soul, inspiring musicians with its sonorous character, its playability, and its purity of sound. The pictures you’ll find on these pages are a proud testament to the ancient art of luthiery that lives on in our guitars.