Esteve Guitarsthe heritage of tradition

There is only one method applicable building a heritage building tradition of expert luthiers and craftsmen that have made a firm Esteve guitars of recognized value and prestige.

Are prepared and glued the lid veneer rosette and handle. Dual rings that are inserted and glueing fit the heel to the top, which will necessarily be solid wood (usually cedar or spruce).

Then the head is adjusted and both rings are joined by the bottom. Reinforcements of inner rings (valance, or zoquetillos tentellones) fit and glued to the sides.

Then, put the chains and put the floor (back of the guitar) in a pattern or mold to prevent warping. The sides and floor are solid wood or metal and noble.

Once the glue is dry special inserts or decorative borders profile.

Place the tuning fork, the handle is shaped and chump, and is styled the fretboard, giving up, a bridge, short on cap.

Then, cuts are made the frets on the fingerboard and the frets proceed.

Seguidamente, se hacen los cortes de los trastes sobre el diapasón y se procede al entrastado.