Guitarras EsteveThe heritage of tradition

For us there is only one valid method of guitar construction. We have inherited our techniques from a long tradition of luthiers. Our artisans have made the name Guitarras Esteve the mark of high value and prestige.

The guitar’s top is prepared first, receiving its intricate wooden rosette and its bracing. Next the top is glued to the neck blank. The body rims are carefully bent and fit to the neck heel, before they are glued to the solid wood top (spruce or cedar).

Then the rims are glued to the bottom block. The linings, which help hold the top and back in place, are glued to the inside of the rims.

Next the cross braces for the back are glued to the rims, and the back is glued on. The body is held in its shape by a body form, while the glue is setting. Depending on the model, the rims and backs of our instruments use either high-quality veneers or top grade solid woods.

Once our special glue has cured, the top and/or back receive their decorative binding. The fingerboard is glued into place next, before the neck, the headstock and the fingerboard receive their final shapes.

The correct bridge height is then determined and the bridge is glued to the top, before the frets are installed into the fretboard. Finally, the guitar receives the exquisite finish ESTEVE guitars are known for.